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Major Employers

Bushnell is home to a solid core of manufacturing businesses, from metal working to food and feed processing. In all, Bushnell's home-grown manufacturing businesses employ over 550 people across seven different facilities.

Below is a list of these fine, forward-thinking businesses that call Bushnell home.

Kitchen Cooked Chips

Business type: Manufacturing
Established: 1934
Employees: 71
Rt. 9 West
Bushnell, IL 61422
Phone: (309) 309-772-2798
Web: store.kitchencooked.net

Kitchen Cooked can purchase potatoes from the nearby community of Bath, Illinois. The potatoes are then delivered direct to the factories. They are washed, peeled, sliced and cooked in small batches � started by hand. They�re then packaged and out on the store shelves-- ALL within the same day!

Midwest Control Products

Business type: Manufacturing
590 E. Main St.
Bushnell, IL 61422
Phone: (309) 309-772-3163
Email: info@midwestcontrol.com
Web: www.midwestcontrol.com

Manufacturers of ball joints, yoke ends, shperical rod ends, wireforms and tube fabrications.

Vaughan & Bushnell Mfg. Co.

Business type: Manufacturing
Established: 1882
201 W. Main St.
Bushnell, IL 61422
Phone: (309) 309-772-2131
Email: danc@bu.vaughnmfg.com
Web: www.vaughanmfg.com

Today�s Vaughan & Bushnell is of a size and sophistication that Alexander Vaughan could scarcely have imagined. While new manufacturing techniques and processes have played a part, the people of Vaughan are the true foundation of the company�s success. Dedicated to the goal of producing the finest striking tools in the world, they have helped transform Vaughan from a small maker of hand tools to the world�s largest manufacturer of striking tools. Vaughan tools are made with an attention to detail that is exceptional. Four generations of the Vaughan family and the dedicated craftsmen who produce their products care a great deal about the tools that carry the Vaughan name, and the care is obvious.
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