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Chamber Meeting Minutes

February 03, 2010
The Bushnell Chamber of Commerce met Wednesday, February 3, 2010 at Delaney’s Depot at 1:00 p.m. Those in attendance: President Don Swartzbaugh, Jennifer Scott, Jodi Combites, Ruth Sharon, Steve Russell, Pauline McDonald, Angela Vera, Donna Coates, Judy Walters, Mary White, Corey Ramsey, and Denny Comstock.

President Don Swartzbaugh called the meeting to order.

Secretary " Treasure’s Report
The minutes of November 4 and the treasurer’s report were approved as read.

President Swartzbaugh welcomed guests from US Cellular, Corey Ramsey and Denny Comstock. Everyone introduced his/herself.

New Business
" President Swartzbaugh recommended the following slate of 2010 Officers:
President " Don Swartzbaugh
Secretary " Lorraine Crawford
Treasurer " Angela Vera
EDC " Steve Holland
EDC " Dan Chambers
EDC " Steve Hess

The seat of Vice President is still open. President Swartzbaugh asked if there were any other nominations. There were none. Donna Coates made a motion to accept the slate of officers. Pauline McDonald seconded.
" 2010 Dues are currently $60 per business and $25 per individual. Mayor Russell made a motion to leave the dues the same. Donna Coates seconded.

" President Swartzbaugh stated that the Chamber owes the City of Bushnell for the downtown decorative lighting. He entertained a motion to pay the City $1,000 for downtown decorative lighting. Mary White moved and Judy Walters seconded. Mayor Russell, Donna Coates, and Pauline McDonald abstained.

" President Swartzbaugh mentioned that he’d like to thank Becky White for her hard work as treasurer.

" Angela Vera volunteered to head up the Welcome Committee.

" Community Reports - Donna Coates reported that March 27 is the Bushnell Safety Awareness Day from 10 a.m. " 3 p.m. Proceeds will go toward the fireworks. She also reported that The Park District will hold a couple of other fundraisers. One will be the Daddy/Daughter Dance at the Recreation Center on February 13, from 6 " 9 p.m. The other fundraiser, the Quiz Bowl, will be at the VFW on March 13. She also mentioned that the Park District needs people to sit on their board.

Mayor’s Report
Mayor Russell reported that before Christmas, the City of Bushnell bought 50.24 acres of land on Route 9. He stated this is a good investment that Bushnell can market with MAEDCO to attract businesses to town. He noted that the Bushnell Economic Development assisted with the purchase.

Mayor Russell also reported that the replacement of the water lines will continue when the weather gets better. He stated that they received a grant to do the sewer lines, but the project costs $2 million dollars to fix the west side. They are doing four different phases with funds from the grants, stimulus money, CDAP money, and any other money available to seek. On the east side of the City, the sewer will cost $1.3 million. They’ve contacted the EPA seeking low interest loans to do the East side sewer, permits are done, and the design is done. If more stimulus money comes in, they will get going on it.

Mayor Russell mentioned that the McDonough County Enterprise Zone has been asked to expand the enterprise zone from Blandinsville to LaHarpe for a soybean factory that produces fuel. It is a several million dollar project.

The Mayor reported that the City Council hired Kevin Howerter as police officer and promoted Joe Fosdyck to replace Sergeant Tom Downs, who is retiring June 30.

Clean-up Days are April 27 & 28.

Mayor Russell brought a 1989 Chamber of Commerce Monopoly game to the meeting. The board shows all of the businesses on it. The game had been stored in someone’s attic. They gave it the Mayor.

The Chamber received a request from the After Prom Committee for a donation. Mayor Russell made a motion to donate the same amount as last year to the After Prom. Angela Vera seconded.

The Christmas Tea was held in December. They made $741 and plan to do it again.

Coming Events
" Chili Cook-off, now called Soup Cook-off, will be Feb. 27. This is the only fundraiser for the pool. They need the money. Payroll alone is $90,000/year. They are always looking for lifeguards.
" BPC Foundation Fundraiser " Saturday, March 6. This is no longer a formal dinner. They will have hors d’oeuvres and an auction.
" Quiz Night will be March 13.
Old Business
" Fireworks will always be July 3. There is a constant need for donations for the fireworks fund.

Denny Comstock from US Cellular introduced Corey Ramsey and stated that he wants to get involved in the community.

The next meeting will be held Wednesday, March 3 at 1 p.m. at Delaney’s Depot.

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